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In two weeks, I will be leaving charity: water.

Over the past two years, I’ve spent most of my waking moments helping my favorite non-profit work to end the water crisis. This life-altering experience couldn’t be summed up in a post, and I won’t try. I’m incredibly grateful for the time spent in NYC alongside some of the most talented people I’ll probably ever meet. 

Many of you will think I’m crazy for leaving. And that’s ok. Truth be told, I feel a bit crazy myself, but I can say without a doubt that it is time for me to move on to the next thing. 

And what is that next thing? Fantastic question.

I honestly don’t have a clue what’s ahead (anti-climactic, I know). I haven’t been actively searching for new opportunities, nor have I been scheming some elaborate exit strategy. There hasn’t been time for that while I’ve been focused on the work at hand. I do have a few ideas (don’t be surprised if I call you to talk about them), but ultimately this is a decision I knew I had to make, and I knew I couldn’t draw it out. It does feel a bit like I’m jumping out of a plane without a parachute… but bring it on.

If you’re waiting to hear the drama of it all, you’ll be quite disappointed. There is no turmoil here. I love charity: water, my coworkers and my boss. Like any job, this one has had its challenges along with its victories, but I’m not storming out nor am I getting pushed out. I won’t feel awkward when I come back to visit, and I will remain close with many of the people I have worked with.

I’m fiercely hopeful about the future. I’m probably most excited about (and this sounds so lame, I know) rediscovering what I’m passionate about, what my own voice sounds like, and what I’m uniquely qualified to do. At my own doing, so much of my identity has been wrapped up in my relationship with a job… and it’s time to do some detangling. 

So to my friends at charity: water… Don’t lose sight of the fact that the work you are putting your life into is literally changing the world. You’re more than just a cool marketing firm for the water crisis. What you do is brining life to millions of people around the world, whether you spend your time in the field or in the office staring at spreadsheets for hours on end. I’m looking forward to spending the next couple of weeks with you all as I transition out. And I remain your biggest fan.

And to all of my friends I’ve met through work over the past couple of years…  I hope you’ll stick with me as I launch into whatever this next phase may be, even though my email may not end in I’m grateful that the last two years has put me in proximity to you, and allowed us to get to know each other, either virtually or in person.

And that’s pretty much it. I appreciate your prayers and the conversations over drinks that I’m sure are to come.

On to the next adventure.


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